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Ontario set to Double the Number of Economic Immigrants

Ontario will double the number of economic immigrants under a new agreement with the federal government. The goal is to reinforce the Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program. The announcement from both the Federal and Provincial government asserts that the program will open 18,000 spaces in 2025.

According to Ontario Labour and Immigration Minister McNaughton, the reason for the increase is to mitigate the current labour shortage. He pledges to prioritize and recruit skilled tradespeople. McNaughton averred that Ontario already has the necessary measures in place to prepare for an influx of migrant workers. These measures include the removal of the Canadian work experience requirements which would give newcomers broad access to training programs. The Provincial government is additionally working to approve applications within 90 days.

“The need to attract talent that will both meet the demands of the labour market in the short term and attract the talent to position Canada for success in the long term was a top priority,"

“This increase will help ensure Ontario's growth in key sectors like home building and health care, while also distributing the benefits of immigration to every region of the country."

- Federal Immigration Minister Sean Fraser

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