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Power of Attorney

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Creating a Power of Attorney and appointing someone else to act on your behalf can become important and valuable to anyone. Only you can act on your behalf or a person who you appoint to do so. Alternatively, a Judge can do that if you haven’t done that yourself or you are not able to do it.


A need for a Power of Attorney can arise in situations where you are incapacitated due to a physical or a mental condition. But such a need can also arise when you are simply out of the country and some important and/or time sensitive matters must be addressed on your behalf.

What is a Power of Attorney?


A Power of Attorney is a written authorization which grants power to another person to make decisions on your behalf. It is in effect while you are still alive, unlike a will, which only takes effect upon your death.

FOMCENCO LAW can help you with the following:

  • Power of Attorney for Personal Care

  • Power of Attorney for Property

  • Power of Attorney Disputes

  • Power of Attorney in Negotiations

  • Power of Attorney for the Purposes of Contracting

In either situation, you may want to be in control, and FOMCENCO LAW is here to help you with that. Book a free consultation and speak with a lawyer today!

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