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New system to make immigration more efficient:

The Canadian Government has announced a new system to approve family reunification applications allowing for a quicker immigration process for family members of those already settled in Canada. The system uses advanced analytics to identify those who have a permanent residency application and approve their Canadian Visa’s faster. The Hon. Sean Fraser hopes the turnaround time will be as short as thirty days. Additionally, the system will sift through the applicant’s information and determine how likely it is that they will be granted permanent residency. Those who meet the criteria will be put on a fast track for their temporary visa. The novel system already has promising results with the approval rate for applications reaching 98 per cent. One criticism of the system is the increased use of advanced analytics which could discriminate against or disadvantage some families based on where they are from. Fraser has made reassurances that the system has already made massive improvements and that there is a low likelihood of any discriminatory outcomes because decisions are always made by departmental staff.

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